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For participants from foreign countries

35,000JPY: Full-registration (two-day symposium (6th and 7th) plus factory visit on 8th)
20,000JPY: Symposium registration (two-day symposium on 6th and 7th)

The optional factory visit includes a visit to ODAWARA factory of FUJI FILM Co. Ltd., a one-night stay in Hakone National Park, transportation and lunch. The seats are limited and can be reserved on first-come first-served basis. Therefore those who are interested in the factory visit need to be registered as a full registration and let us know in advance in order to secure a seat for the factory visit. The schedule details of the factory visit are yet to be determined, but tentatively the tour will end at JR ODAWARA station at 2pm on Saturday, 9th.

7,000JPY: Symposium registration (two-day symposium on 6th and 7th)
In order to be eligible for a student registration, you need to be a full-time student, i.e., a part-time student or post-doctoral researcher is excluded. Student registration fee does not include banquet.
Currently we do not accept students for the factory visit on 8th due to the limited capacity. This may be changed according to the number of pre-registered people for the factory visit.
We have changed our policy on the factory visit tour. Now it is open to all participants and the seats are available on first-come, first-served basis. Students who are interested in attending the factory visit tour are kindly requested to notify us via email. You should expect additional 15000JPY for the factory visit tour besides the registration fee. The factory visit tour will break up at JR ODAWARA station at about 2pm on 9th, Saturday. From ODAWARA to NARITA airport, it will take two hours fastest, depending on which trains you may choose. From ODAWARA to HANEDA airport, it will take about one hour to one hour and a half.

Banquet ticket for students or accompanying persons
3,000JPY per person.

The registration fee should be paid on-site in cash at the registration desk.
Every prospective participant is kindly requested to visit the following site and fill in the registration form by no later than 30th, September.

MJJIS2013 Registration Form

If you have any question, please feel free to ask mjjis2013@ml.tokai-u.jp.

For participants from Japan(in Japanese)

35,000円: フル登録(2日間のシンポジウム(6~7日)および工場見学ツアー(8日~9日)
20,000円: シンポジウム登録(2日間のシンポジウム(6~7日)のみ)


7,000円: シンポジウム登録(2日間のシンポジウム(6~7日)のみ)
学生として登録できるのは、専業の学生(full-time student)に限ります。すなわちpart-timeの学生やポスドクは学生登録をできません。なお学生登録にはバンケット代は含まれません。



MJJIS2013 Registration Form(国内参加者向け)


横浜銀行 東海大学駅前支店 普通口座
口座名:MJJIS2013OC (注:最後の2文字はアルファベットの「オーシー」です)

参加登録についてご不明な点は mjjis2013@ml.tokai-u.jp までお問合せをお願いします。